dan mesec

The Silvern Lake Trail

On the backside of Hudson Bay Mountain, you will see alpine meadows of the utmost beauty… Only if you know how to find them, however.

The Silvern Lakes Trail is a perfect way to track a few down. At the end of Toboggan Creek Road, in the Wetzin’Kwa Community Forest, a difficult but worthwhile trail will await you. A one-way trip, about 8 km or so, is filled with lush, running creeks, dense forest growth and long meandering paths on the edge of weeping hillsides.

After you pass the labyrinth of thick bush, you’ll find yourself an opening out into the alpine. Rockslides cover the road, laced with purple strata from the starboard mountains slopes. Eventually the tree-line breaks open and a panoramic view of Silvern Lake and its mountain neighbors is to behold.

If you have the courage and stamina to fight your way to the top of this mighty climb, it might look something like this…


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