Sacred Grizzly – Out Yonder Productions 

“Sacred Grizzly” is the story of a unique place in the world and the mountain grizzly bear who inhabit this vast wilderness in northern British Columbia the size of England.  It is called the Sacred Headwaters in English, for it was here three most important west coast watersheds begin within meters of each other. And, it was there Raven brought light to the Earth.

Sacred Grizzly is also the astonishing story of how the monarchy of the bears went from abundance to near collapse, then through a remarkable wilderness to one of the largest bear sanctuaries in the world, these grizzly are some of largest and most prolific brown bear in North America.

Sacred Grizzly – Rough Cut from Monty Bassett – Out Yonder Films on Vimeo.


Cliff Hangers – Out Yonder Productions – Leo Award Winning Documentary

“Cliff Hangers” is the “Cirque du Soleil de Savage”, the story of an incredible band of acrobatic mountain goats who live beneath the earth’s surface on the vertical walls of Canada’s Grand Canyon in northwestern British Columbia. These canyon goats survive on perpendicular cliffs hundreds of meters high, dropping vertically into a violent river that turns logs to splinters, granite to gravel.  More people have walked on the moon than traverse the goats and their subterranean kingdom!                            


Collecting Rock Samples in the Stikine Canyon

Earlier this year we finished a film with Our Yonder Productions called Cliff Hangers about a unique group of mountain goats in the Stikine Canyon.

Here is a short film of how we conduct some of our work from the chopper. Other than filming animals, we also try to provide our audiences with new information about the natural world we live in. In this situation, director Monty Bassett attempts to collect a rock sample to be analyzed to determine is native strata origins.


Babine Lake Fisheries

SkeenaWild has been working with the Lake Babine Nation (LBN) to increase their commercial harvest of enhanced Babine sockeye. Harvesting enhanced sockeye in front of their spawning locations means that only strong enhanced sockeye are impacted. These are some of the most sustainable salmon fisheries in the world, bringing benefits to conservation and local First Nations communities.

In 2011 SkeenaWild assisted LBN in undertaking the fishery, and helped to connect them to Raincoast Trading, a progressive seafood processing company. Because Raincoast Trading wanted terminally harvested fish from the mouth of Babine Lake, new markets were created, resulting in the second largest sockeye fishery in Canada. Many of these fish are being served in the finest seafood restaurants in Vancouver, dispelling the myth that sockeye harvested high up in river systems near their spawning locations have no economic value.


Joseph Otoo Gillette Drafted Audition Reel 

Last year Joe Otoo was selected to participate in Sports Net’s Gillette Drafted reality series to find Canada’s next great sports caster. He was selected out of thousands of applicants and was the only online submission to make the cut. He wound up in the top three and continues to have an insatiable need for sports! Here’s the audition reel that got Joe to the SHOW! Shot on Main St. in Smithers!

Gillette Drafted


Ted Talk Audition – Servass Mes

In the realm of somatic awareness, Servass Mes is a leading mind. Mr. Mes is a Somatic Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Hanna Somatic Educator, Pranassage Practitioner and Pilates Mat Instructor. He’s a guest-lecturer at San Francisco State University and teaches post-graduate programs to health professionals internationally. He is also the founder of the Human Health Project.

We made this audition reel for a Ted Talk held in Vancouver in 2013.


The Extreme Everest Challenge

Every season in March participants from all over the country descend on B.C.’s Hudson Bay Mountain. They come to stretch the limits of human athleticism. To try and follow in one mans footprints, Rod Leighton.

Skinning up and skiing down Hudson Bay Mountain 18 times, equaling the 8,865 vertical metres of Mount Everest, may tempt many to the slops, however few ever conquer the task. The event has grown into an international craze and continues to raise money for the Rick Hansen and the Live It, Love It Foundations.


Making Bannock with Marie Patrick

Marie Patrick is an elder within the Babine Lake Nation. As Marie tells it, whenever there is a celebration or party in the community they get Marie to make the Bannock. Why? Because it’s simply the best.

We caught up with Marie for a project that captured the cultures of what it meant to be part of the Babine Lake Nation.


Telkwa Barbeque 101

In the small village of Telkwa there is a tradition dating back more than century. It began before the town was officially founded as a way to bring the community together annually to reconnect after spending the long winters and hot summers out on the territory and across the treacherous wilderness.

This was long before any modern roadways existed, before telephone lines and internet streaming connected us simply by the click of a button. For some, the Telkwa BBQ was the only way for families and neighbors to reminisce about the previous year and time to plan the coming months. The current form has now become a weekend of entertainment to celebrate the end of each summer and the last hurrah before a new season begins. This short trailer was created to promote the 101st Telkwa BBQ!

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